Jeane Jensen


Welcome to Living Fit! My name is Jeane Jensen and I am the owner and founder of Living Fit. The greatest gift I have received from yoga is the realization that yoga will meet you exactly where you are; believe me, I have been numerous different places (and head-spaces) in my life, good and bad, and still yoga met me there. As you can see, I am a student of yoga, first and foremost, and I believe this has contributed to my teaching style. After all, aren't we all students? Students of yoga? Students of LIFE? My yoga style has been influenced by many wonderful teachers and styles with an emphasis on Iyengar and Dharma yoga styles and mostly recently Rod Stryker of ParaYoga. I am a firm believer that our practice should be SUSTAINABLE throughout our lives so alignment and body awareness play heavily in my classes. I provide a safe atmosphere where students are encouraged to work within their own limits and to practice mindfully in a way that nurtures their body, mind and soul. 

I recently completed my Vibrational Sound Therapy certification. Singing bowls and chanting have long been a part of my yoga and meditation practice so learning to use singing bowls as a healing modality seemed a natural progression to my studies. Everything in the universe vibrates and just like musical instruments we can become out of tune. Singing bowls can help settle the body and mind, so natural and deep healing begin and we return to our signature vibration.